Fineboys May 2011
it's been more than a year since i posted last time
long time no see!
i can't stop sharing this issue
nino is just gorgeous
so scanned the pages as soon as i got the magazine

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i'm always obsessed with nino's glasses look

skip the following pic if you're watching this post in public such as library or starbucks

there are 8 pages in total
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MORE 11/2009
It's been a long time that I haven't scan anything^^
Finally Here come the scans of MORE
I opened the magazine in the subway and that was definitely a mistake,cuz I had to try very hard to stop myself from screaming.
I strongly suggest you open the files in a private place...

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I got some problems with MF so there's only MU DL link

Nino's stage play
日刊スポーツ 090611







a brief translation:
nino attended the press conference for his coming stage play "strangers on a train".This stage play is adapted from a popular novel and Alfred Hitchcock turned it into movie in 1951.The director will be Robert Allan Ackerman.
The role nino will play is Bruno who has a mad murderer character.Kumiko Akiyoshi will play his mother.

some info:

According to The Globe Tokyo's home page,the script is not the one of Alfred Hitchcock's film but the theatre version written by Craig Warner.
On wikipedia it shows that Bruno will be a homosexual murderer who collapses at the end and commit suicide.I'm so curious how nino will show Bruno's character.Also on wikipedia there's some information about the writer Craig Warner
Robert Allan Ackerman,the Emmy-winning dramatist will direct this stage play.Here is a list of his famous works.Plus I found an interview in which he was talking about his project in Japan.

In my POV I think it is really great that nino has this chance to work with him.He's an experienced dramatist.Besides he's willing to bring some western ideas into Japanese theatre system.I believe nino can learn something quite different from what he has learnt  before.As an actor nino is extraordinary.I hope this stage play would make him even better^ ^

And there's one question.As there isn't any info about the role of Bruno's father,perhaps it's replaced by the role of mother?As it shows above Kumiko Akiyoshi will play Bruno's mother,maybe she's the one who will be killed by Guy?Anyway it's nice to see nino working again with her.Plus it's interesting cuz last time they worked together,nino was her son who committed a murder,and this time nino is still her son and kills again^ ^

BTW I just found 内田滋's(Shige Uchida) it a bit impolite?anyway according to his post on 29 May the brochure book is very well photographed he'd rather consider it as a real photobook!!Wow I guess I should find someone who could help me to buy it!

If any of you have more info about the director and the writer please tell me
m(_ _)m

4 magazines of Okada Junichi
Hi this is my first communication with V6 fans on LJ!
Recently Okada-kun has appeared on so many magazines and I got 4 of them
I don't purchase the mags regularly but what I bought really got my heart!
In the package there are also scans of Aso Kumiko-san and the director
As they promote the film together I'd love to keep things complete
Hope you like it!

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July 2009 GQ

Okada-kun looks awesome with his puppy!!
Sorry someone tore the cover so I can't scan it...

Cinema Square Vol.24

It's simply marked Vol. 24 on the cover but according to the reference this issue is published on June 1st 2009
I think you may put this into your June 2009 list ^ ^

Cinema☆Cinema No.18

like the former one it's only marked No.18 on the cover but it also shows this issue presents all the films released during May 2009 and July 2009
hope this can do a bit help in case you need to sort out the scans

May 20th  2009 Figaro


July 2009 MORE

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I scanned these pages as soon as I got this magazine so I haven't read the article
However I guess in the beginning there is something about what he once said in a TV show "it's OK if my girlfriend has an affair"
Do you still remember that show?

And the photos...well that's why I can't even wait a second to share with you!!!!
Usually NINO is considered as a cute, but in this month's issue he's so SEXY!!!!!!!!!!
I really feel jealous of the photographer!He must have much much more splendid photos of NINO!!!!!!
Hey Mr Photographer!Can you publish a book with all the photos you hide behind the magazine pages?

Here is the DL link

MORE 06/2009

As there haven't yet any scans here so I scanned this number and share with you
I always love this column about him cuz I can find something he rarely shows
The theme of this month is ‘work without scenario'
I love the way the writer compares his work with baseball game
Hope there could be some translation ^ ^
in the package I also put in the pics of Okada Junichi as a surprising present XD
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April 17,2009 HanaMaru Café Guest Matsumoto Jun

As always Jun showed some private photos and the one of Arashi members was really nice
Something special for the fans from the US:  Jun talked a little about his journey to Arizona at the beginning of this year

According to the photo,Ohno kun has bronzed himself very well,which encouraged myself that I would also bronze myself during this summer^&^
For me the most interesting part came when Jun was talking about magician Nino. He said one day Naiki Kiichi san talked to him about Nino saying 'Seems Ninomiya kun is really good at Magic'. As Nakai san has never worked with Nino, Jun said he was astonished that so many people heard about Arashi's magician XDD
BTW Jun's hats collection seems very attractive

Sorry I made a mistake about the show's name. It should be HanaMaru Café. Please edit the file's title after downloading it m(_ _)m
Thank you </b></a>nana_komatsu7  san for correcting me

You can also check shokim san's LJ for this video ^^

Please don't upload this video to any online video sharing website,nor repost my link to anywhere else
Thank you a lot.

CREDIT to Infinite Johnnys

DL link: MU
MF: 001  /  002  /  003  /  004

Oh Mon Dieu!Nino!Psychiatrist!!!!
This is definitely the best news I've ever heard since the announcement of Door To Door!!!
I've been waiting since the first time I saw his movie that he can plays as an elite!!!
And a father!
This is too good to be true!!
in fact i'm looking forward to his film this year but this well-produced SP also sounds fine
and yep! don't forget the theme song which will be performed by Maki Ohguro
i don't know if there'll be a new single as she hasn't published any album or single since last march
anyway just wait for another surprise~~~~

nino and red wine
This bear is called nino ^^
he always goes out with me

VoCE May 2009

Can anybody tell me what's that in Nino's hand?
A camera or sth?
This time I didn't modify the images with photoshop
Comparing with the ANAN scans, can you tell me which one do you prefer? That will help me a lot ^ ^

And as I mentioned there was sth about Kase kun so I translated this little piece ^ ^
Nino said sth really least in my opinion

I've survived even I don't speak English

I got this thought when I was shooting 'Letters From Iwo Jima'...Well actually it was because I was working with Kase kun who could speak  English.

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